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Cloud Computing-An Overview



First of all, it's useful to understand where the term cloud computing came from. It most likely originated from the use of a cloud image to represent a networked computing environment or the internet. A quick Google search will reveal a number of definitions for cloud computing. I like a definition I picked up from Wikipedia which defines cloud computing as the delivery of computing as a service whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility, similar to the electricity grid, over a network which is most often the internet.Have a look at for more info on this.

 Cloud computing is a variety of computing in which all the applications , resources and information are managed in a way that is called as virtual environment. The Google app itself is a great example of cloud computing. Backspace is an internet hosting company which has started offering cloud hosting to its clients in a large scale. Those people who wish to have a personal cloud application in an environment controlled by this company can accept this offer of cloud hosting.

Another company that offers a clod hosting service is The reason why Amazon can offer this service is due to the large scale infrastructure and their internet bandwidth capabilities. We have often seen that many of the companies that offer cloud hosting offer easy setup and creation of private cloud hosting with very simple user interfaces. The pricing of cloud hosting will depend upon the usage. The more the use the more will be the price.

There are only very less companies which offers a flat rate for cloud computing. It’s always better when the pricing is as per usage. Pricing will depend upon the processing, bandwidth and storage they use. This type of pricing will be very benefiting for the people, the company and the users. Cloud computing was very expensive affair when it was introduced, but now it has become cheaper as there are many companies who are offering this services.  There are many hosting are offering cloud hosting services. Even internet retailers are also offering this particular service to a greater extend. 

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