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Types Of Cloud Computing

 There are different kinds of cloud computing. The initials models are the development models. If you want to know if cloud computing will fit in for an organization then you will have to understand the whole concept of cloud computing. To make up a cloud environment there are many types of development models as well as applications on clouds.Checkout here for more info.

There are many models in a cloud deployment model. They include public cloud, community cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud. There are negatives and positives of all the available models in the market. Each and every unit has a strength and weakness to each deployment models it is related to specific case. We will give you a small summary on different deployment models and their specifications.

Public cloud- public cloud is available for a general public or a large group of industry. Public cloud is owned by an organization that is selling cloud service 2. It is a third party that owns a public cloud. Public cloud is a cloud that can be used by a general public. If you want to set up a public cloud then it is very easier and quicker and the services offered is free. This form of cloud can be used by general public.


Next option is the community cloud. This type of cloud is shared by several organizations and also supported by specific community that has shared the concerns. When a group of organizations share their resources architecture is established that is what community cloud is is all about. A community cloud is a mini public cloud.

Only a small group or organization will be allowed to use the cloud. Next is the private cloud. Is been operated for solely for a small organization, not individual use but use for a small organization. Next is a hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is the
combination of two or more clouds together. Both the clouds in this have a unique entity but they are bound together by technology.




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